Understanding Albums & Galleries

What’s the difference between Albums (“Photo/Video Albums” or just “Albums”) and Galleries (or just “Photos” in some themes)

If you’re a bit old-fashioned, in physical world your photos are still contained in the photo-albums. Same happens in the theme: each Album contains a set of media files: photos, videos, etc.

You can display your media files in 2 modes:

  1. Albums – in this mode you can see a set of Albums. Click on one of these albums will open it and reveal media files (photos, videos, etc.) inside of it (fig. 1.). This mode is sometimes also called the “2-level gallery”:

    Fig. 1. Album with images inside.

    Fig. 1. Album with images inside.

  2. Gallery – media files from one or couple of albums are being displayed on a page(fig. 2.). Clicking on a media file thumbnail will activate it (photos will be enlarged, videos will start to play). This mode is also called the “flat/plain”, “1-level” or “classical” gallery:

    Fig. 2. Gallery - set of image displayed on a page.

    Fig. 2. Gallery – set of images displayed on a page.