On this page you can upload your logo for different location in your site, favicon, set up copy right information etc:

Branding - Upload logos

Fig. 1. Branding – Upload logos

  • Logo in Header: Upload your logo for normal deceives and a high resolution logo for retina devices.
  • Logo in bottom line: Logo to display on the bottom bar of your site.
  • Enable/disable logo in floating menu (menu which appears on the top when you scroll down your site)¬†and upload it.
  • Upload favicon, please refer here if you’r not sure about what is a favicon.
  • Icons for handled devices, these icons will be shown like an app icon when a user saves your web page to his home screen of devices like iphone, ipad etc.
  • Enter copy right information.
  • Enable/disable Dream-Theme credit on your bottom bar.
Copy right & Credits

Fig. 2. Copy right & Credits