On this page various general setting are gathered. Here you can:

In General > Appearance

  • Set the content width in “px” or “%” (see fig. 1).
  • Select site layout: boxed or wide.
  • Set the box width in “px” or “%” if “boxed” layout is enabled  (see fig. 1).
  • Set background color and image “under the box” (see fig. 1).

    Fig. 1. How your site looks if boxed layout is enabled.

    Fig. 1. How your site looks if boxed layout is enabled.

  • Set basic site background color and image.
  • Set the color of text and headers.
  • Set the color accent.
  • Set boarder radius for the site, it will be used for buttons, sidebar boarders etc.

In General > Custom CSS

  • Add your custom CSS rules to modify existing styles.
    Tip. If your web-site includes a Microsite page, you will also need to copy-paste all required CSS rules from “General > Custom CSS” to “Custom CSS” area in Microsite page settings.

In General > Advanced

  • Enable/disable responsive layout.
  • Turn on/off high-dpi (retina) images.
  • Enable/disable “scroll-behaviour: smooth;” CSS property (will be supported by future browsers).
  • Set the slug for portfolio post type.
  • Set target email address for contact forms.
  • Add tracking code (e.g. Google Analytics) or any other arbitrary JavaScript.