Image Styling and Hovers

Here you can select image hovers styling, color and opacity.

Depending on “Styling” settings, images will look this way:

  • None

    Fig. 1.1. Image Styling: None.

    Fig. 1-1. Image Styling: None.

  • Grayscale

    Fig. 1.2. Image Styling: Grayscale.

    Fig. 1-2. Image Styling: Grayscale.

  • Grayscale and color hovers

    Fig. 1.3. Image Styling: Grayscale and color hovers.

    Fig. 1-3. Image Styling: Grayscale and color hovers.

  • Blur
Fig. 1.4. Image Styling:  Blur.

Fig. 1-4. Image Styling: Blur.

  • Scale (image scales up a bit when you hover over it; sorry cannot make illustration for it).

Note: Grayscale works fine in all modern browsers except Internet Explorer. (Thankee, Microsoft!)