Understanding Albums & Galleries

What’s the difference between Albums (“Photo/Video Albums” or just “Albums”) and Galleries (or just “Photos” in some themes)

If you’re a bit old-fashioned, in physical world your photos are still contained in the photo-albums :) Same in this theme: each Album contains a set of media files: photos, videos, etc.

You can display your media files in 2 modes:

  1. Albums – in this mode you can see a set of Albums. Click on one of these albums will open it and reveal media files (photos, videos, etc.) inside of it. This mode is sometimes also called the “2-level gallery”.
  2. Gallery – media files from one or couple of albums are being displayed on a page. Clicking on a media file thumbnail will activate it (photos will be enlarged, videos will start to play). This mode is also called the “flat/plain”, “1-level” or “classical” gallery.