Adding & Editing Posts

To create a post navigate to “WP-admin > Posts > Add new”.

In addition to all standard stuff like header options and widgetized areas management, Posts  adding/editing interface has box called “Post Options” (fig. 1):

Fig. 1. Post options.
Fig. 1. Post options.

Here you can:

  • Hide featured image on single post page (in other words, inside individual post).
  • Set category(s) for related posts.
  • Choose the post preview width on the blog page (some of our themes supports normal and wide post previews; see fig. 3 for details.)
  • Most of our multipurpose themes supports WordPress post formats. In some themes you’ll find additional settings for them. E.g. in PressCore you can select styling for gallery- and video-posts.
Fig. 2. Related posts
Fig. 2. Related posts.
Fig. 2. Related posts
Fig. 3. Post preview width.