[Displaying slideshow in the header of the page/post/project is described in this article.]

To create a slideshow navigate to “WP-admin > Slideshows > Add new”. Slideshow adding/editing interface is very simple: you need to enter slideshow Title and add some slides in the “Add/Edit slides” box.

Once you hit “Select or upload images” button, slides adding/editing interface will pop up (fig. 1):

Fig. 1. Add/edit slides.

Fig. 1. Add/edit slides.

Differences are “description”, “video url” and “image link” fields:

  • “description” will become a text underneath slide title;
  • “video link” allows you to create video slides in some sliders;
  • “image link” will add a link to slide.

Once slides are added, they can be edited, deleted and reordered by dragging with mouse in theĀ ”Add/Edit slides” box (fig. 2):

Fig. 2. "Add/edit slides" box.

Fig. 2. “Add/edit slides” box.