Demo Content

Most of demo content can be imported with help DT Dummy plugin.

The7 Demo Content Plugin

Address to Plugins -> The7 Plugins (fig. 1) and install “The7 Demo Content” plugin:

Fig. 1. Install The7 Demo Content.

Fig. 1. Install The7 Demo Content.

Then go to Tools -> The7 Demo Content (fig. 2) and import demo content you need:

Fig. 2. DT Dummy plugin interface.

You can find all available PSD and other graphical resources from our demos here.

Some demo import buttons will not be visible until plugins mentioned in the description of the demo is activated, please activate them to be able to import the demo.

Please remember to import theme options to get the exact settings of corresponding demo.

If you faced problems importing demo content, make sure that your php.ini settings are not less than:
max_execution_time = 240
memory_limit = 256M
post_max_size = 64M
upload_max_filesize = 64M
You can contact your hosting company for more details and assistance on it.

You may also try to import the content first and then the attachments separately.

Useful tip: If you are going to remove demo content later, it would be wise to create a new user and assign demo content to it. Later, you can filter demo content by author and remove it.

If you need to import WooCommerce demo content, please make sure that this plugin is activated.

Icons Import: Most of demos also require importing custom icons set. You can find appropriate set of icons in  ../Demo Content/COMMON – Icon Fonts/. For example, icomoon-law-24× is meant to be used in “Law” demo. Import this ZIP through Ultimate Addons interface (fig. 3).


Upload custom icon set

Fig. 3. Upload custom icon set.

Visual Composer settings: please configure VC margins and paddings properly.

Revolution Slider Demo

You can find Revolution slider demo content inside corresponding theme ZIP pack , for example, Shop demo : ../Demo Content/Slider Revolution/ Read detailed description in Revolution Slider documentation: RevSlider Docs.

GO Pricing Tables demo content

Find GO Pricing Tables demo inside theme ZIP pack ../Demo Content/Go_pricing_tables.txt Follow Dashboard > GO Pricing > Import & Export, select action: Import, select demo file and import.

Important. Please note that all copyrighted images are replaced with a placeholder pictures.
Menus cannot be transferred via XML – this is a pecularity of WP. Also, please make sure you selected a Front page: Set up Front page.


You can find ConvertPlug demo content inside corresponding theme ZIP pack , for example, Dance School: ../Demo Content/Dance School/ConvertPlug/cp_export[The7 Dance].csv. Import this CSV through ConvertPlug interface (fig. 4).

Fig. 4. Import demo for ConvertPlug.

Fig. 4. Import demo for ConvertPlug.